‘We’re going to keep it dark’: Salem Frights returns with new haunts

WELLINGTON COUNTY – Salem Frights has returned from the dark depths of Darryl Magierowski’s mind to scare those who dare enter his newly expanded Halloween haunt at 470 Wellington Road 7.

Those familiar with the Salem resident’s yearly event will once again see an eerie fog crawling around skewed gravestones giving rise to the undead, but that’s only part of the attraction this year.

Once you pass through the graveyard — if you make it, that is — you’ll be faced with a door leading into the Salem monastery beneath a newly fashioned bell tower.

Those who enter the nearly pitch-black room will find no salvation among the clergy before entering into a disorienting labyrinth of hallways filled with spooky lighting effects, haunting sounds, and scare actors lingering in the shadows, ready to provoke a blood-curdling scream.

The goal remains the same: to strike fear into all who pass through.

“This event, I have no intentions to gear toward younger children,” he said.

“I want to make it scary … we’re going to keep it dark.”

With the graveyard significantly downsized, Magierowski has packed a lot into limited space and invested hundreds of hours into the “religious horror” experience this year.

Magierowski’s father helped to bring everything together again, and Magierowski figures between the two, over 600 hours of work has been invested since August.

“When you go in there, you’ll forget you’re in my yard,” Magierowski said.

Last year brought out 1,600 visitors, Magierowski said, and he anticipates this year’s turnout will be even greater, with five nights in total, and three remaining: Oct. 28, 29, and 30.

The event is free with donations accepted to help recoup the cost. Four people will be allowed through at a time, with the walk-through taking between four and five minutes.

Similar to last year, Mapleton’s Hometown Hotdogs will offer food for purchase and there will be halloween movies playing.

Parking is available at the Esso gas station or at Soulwork Studio.

For more information visit twistedtsmerch.com/salemfrights.