Wellington North to lower speed limit on sideroad

WELLLINGTON NORTH – Township council has approved a plan to lower the speed limit on Sideroad 3 West, from Sally Street to Wellington Road 6, from 80 to 60km/h.

A report from transportation services manager Dale Clark notes concerns have been been received by township staff about the speed of traffic and pedestrian safety in the area, southwest of Mount Forest.

Councillor Steve McCabe asked if any input had been received from Wellington OPP on the problem.

“Typically when we have complaints of this nature as it relates to speed the first thing we do is reach out to the OPP and ask for some support as it relates to patrolling in the area, which they’re always very accommodating to do,” explained CAO Mike Givens.

He added, “There is some residential there, there’s a hill, there’s lots of reasons this makes sense.”

Givens noted the rural road has recently been upgraded, including new pavement.

“Not to say were not going to continue to rehabilitate our roads because we think we need to do that, but it’s one of those things … It’s almost uncanny,” Given said.

“When you invest in a roadway that’s been underserviced for a while, you typically get speed complaints.”

Councillor Dan Yake asked if use of a digital speed warning sign was considered.

“They seem to be very effective … in smaller towns they’re going up everywhere,” said Yake.

While the township does make use of such signs in urban areas, operations director Matt Aston pointed out the digital signs cost $3,000 versus $100 for regular speed limit signs.

Also, he noted, “Police can’t do enforcement based on those digital signs.”

Givens explained the township has digital signs that it moves around the urban areas.

“I agree with you that there is value in them,” he said.

Aston suggested a digital sign could be placed on Sideroad 3 to help raise awareness of the new speed limit once it’s in place.

Council directed staff to take action to reduce the speed limit the designated section of Sideroad 3

A bylaw to implement the lower speed limit will be introduced at an upcoming meeting.