Wellington Heights to launch new cosmetology program next year

MOUNT FOREST – Wellington Heights Secondary School in Mount Forest has announced a new cosmetology program will be launched at the school beginning in September 2024.  

Students will be eligible to take hairstyling and aesthetics courses that teach students about hairstyling, makeup and nail care techniques from a salon and spa perspective.  

A new, modern cosmetology lab will be constructed during the summer and will be outfitted with the latest salon furniture and equipment.  

Using materials, processes and techniques used in the cosmetology industry, students will learn fundamental skills in hairstyling, giving manicures and facials and providing hair and scalp analyses and treatments.  

Students will also explore secondary and post-secondary pathways leading to careers in the field of hairstyling and aesthetics.  

“Adding a cosmetology program to our technology department will be a valuable resource for our students because they will learn important transferable skills that can be used in many different sectors and trades,” said technology department head Jeff Verbeek.  

“Students will also have the opportunity to see what is involved with running a business, and the many things that need to happen behind the scenes.”

The program will be taught by current co-op teacher Peggy Topham. 

She previously taught cosmetology for several years at College Heights S.S. in Guelph, before moving closer to home at Wellington Heights to teach.  

Prior to her career in teaching, Topham owned her own business and worked for many years as a hairstylist in the town of Minto.

 She said that she was “excited for students to have cosmetology as a tech option” next year. 

“My experience has been that some students take cosmetology for personal growth and others as exploration of a potential career. 

“There are many employment pathways that can stem from this course,” said Topham.

Construction of the state-of-the-art cosmetology lab is slated for this coming summer and will be finished in time for students to take courses at the junior and senior level next September, officials stated.

Community News Staff