WEB ONLY: Mark Twain play opens on Feb. 13

Theatre Guelph will open its ninth production at the River Run Centre this Friday at 8pm.
The Diaries of Adam & Eve will have two performances, at 2 and 8pm on Valentine’s Day, with an additional matinee Feb. 15 at 2pm.
The play is based on two short stories by Mark Twain. The original titles were Ex­tracts from Adam’s Diary, and Eve’s Diary, translated from the original manuscript by Mark Twain.” Director Dan Kelley edited the works for the stage. The play begins with the cre­ation of Eve and ends with her death. Only when she passes away does Adam realize what love is.
Twain’s version is a love story and a comedy about the foibles of marriage. Adam and Eve view the same events with totally different interpretations.
All performances are in Co-operators Hall at the River Run Centre. The performance runs about 75 minutes, with no in­ter­mission.
Tickets are $25 for adults and $20 for seniors. There is a special Valentines price of $40 for couples, and a special student price of $10.
Call the River Run Box at 519-763-3000 or toll-free at 877-520-2408 or choose your seats on line at www.river­run.ca.