WEB ONLY: Erin actor in funny thriller Feb. 12 to 28

The Caledon Townhall Play­ers’ winter production, When The Reaper Calls, is a complex and complex play that will keep audiences on the edges of their seats.

The comic thriller by Peter Colley was written as a tribute to the millennium and the fearful anticipation surround­ing the advent of Y2K. It was widely believed all computer systems would collapse throw­ing the world into chaos. Col­ley examined the potential break­down of society through two couples on a weekend re­treat in the wilderness.

Two rival philosophy pro­fes­sors are involved. One is a stoic; the other has a nihilistic and epicurean view.

Victor convinced that Har­lan’s pedantic and moralistic stance is a façade. Victor is de­termined to goad him into com­mitting a murder with the re­luc­tant and, at times, unwitting assistance of Harlan’s naive, young wife, Colleen. Compli­cating the plan is Victor’s own, long-suffering wife, Dora, who contrives to load the gun with real bullets. Stumbling through all of that is a young rookie female cop determined to make her first big arrest.

Denise Erskine, of Orange­ville and Andrea Gaynor of Erin each have roles.

The play is directed by Mari­lyn Edridge, and opens Feb. 12 and runs consecutive weekends until Feb. 28. Tickets are $15 for evenings and $12 for matinees. There are dinner theatres on Valentine’s Day, and Feb. 21, at the Knox Uni­ted Church, with a full roast beef dinner and home baked pies.

The dinner and theatre package is $28. For reserva­tions call 519-927-5460 or see www.caledontownhallplayers.com.