Volunteer of the Year recipient Ken Williams draws a crowd

ABERFOYLE – Fans of Ken Williams crammed into the Puslinch council chamber on May 1 to see the long-standing Optimist Club member receive the township’s Volunteer of the Year award.

Staff brought extra chairs from the fire hall next door to accommodate almost 50 people, who later squeezed together for a photo outside the municipal office.

Williams joked with Mayor James Seeley that he’s more popular than the mayor.

“This is the best turnout you’ve ever had,” Williams said.

A longtime resident of Puslinch, Williams, is also a member of the Optimist Club of Puslinch and is credited with spearheading numerous projects in the township, including the Optimist Recreation Centre and Family Day and Canada Day events.

About 50 supporters attended the May 1 council meeting to see Ken Williams receive the Volunteer of the Year award. Photo by Joanne Shuttleworth


“In 1976, Ken had a vision,” said Optimist Club president Gregg Allan.

“Ken thought the township needed something for youth and he chartered the Optimist Club.

“Everywhere you look in Puslinch, you see Ken’s fingerprints.”

Allan called Williams a “visionary”, an “inspiration” and a quiet, humble family man “who doesn’t understand ‘no.’”

“We are proud and fortunate for all you’ve done,” added Seeley.

Williams said he doesn’t do the work for the recognition, but it’s certainly nice to get it.

“We enjoyed every minute of what we’ve done the past 50 years,” Williams said.