Vandalism at Mount Forest cenotaph

MOUNT FOREST – Mount Forest Horticultural Society president Colette MacTavish is disappointed with an act of vandalism at the cenotaph here.

On July 17, MacTavish received a call from society volunteers Bernice McDouall and Rene Archambault advising that someone had ripped dragon wing Begonias out of a pot at the cenotaph.

MacTavish noted Archambault is an Air Force veteran and local Legion member who, along with McDouall, have looked after planters and beds at the cenotaph for many years.

MacTavish added there are other members who assist in some replanting and the spring cleanup.

“To date this year, volunteers have spent in excess of 40 hours at this site alone.”

She added, “maintenance of all the town beds are all done by volunteers who dedicate many hours of their own time to beautify our wonderful community.”

MacTavish added, “We all agree with Rene, as he noted, that this act is especially disappointing because this site is in memory of people who fought hard and died so that we can do what we want today. We’re free, thanks to those guys.”

Since the vandalism a local act of generosity has shown a better side to the community.

“We would like to thank Richard Quartel at the Mount Forest Greenhouses for donating the replacement Begonias for the planter,” MacTavish said.