Value of construction projects in Mapleton doubles in 2023

MAPLETON – Construction activity in the agricultural and industrial sectors contributed to a busy year for the township’s building department in 2023.

A year-end report to Mapleton council from chief building official Tim Schwartzentruber shows the value of all construction in Mapleton nearly doubled from the previous year.

While the number of permits issued in 2023 (300) was down from the 341 issued in 2022, total construction value soared to over $100 million from about $55 million.

Building permit fees collected rose to about $664,000 in 2023 from $443,000 the previous year.

“We did have quite a high amount of building permit fees that can be attributed to (an addition to) the Wallenstien Feed Mill and Enviro-Eze (new warehouse). Those were some fairly big industrial buildings,” noted Schwartzentruber.

“So great things happening in the township,” observed Mayor Gregg Davidson.

Agricultural construction, with 78 permits issued (33 per cent of the total) for construction valued at about $22.8 million, represented the largest share of building activity, followed by industrial building at just over $18 million from nine permits.

Residential construction was also strong in 2023, with 30 permits issued for single-family dwellings valued at a total of nearly $16.9 million.

In addition, residential additions, renovations, accessory structures and decks accounted for another 61 permits for construction valued at more than $8 million.

Five permits were issued for commercial construction valued at around $1.25 million.

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