UPDATE: Mount Unit survives to keep riding in Wellington

County council has approved a Police Services Board recommendation to keep the OPP’s Mounted Unit.

The vote was not even close, with only two coun­cillors voting against the pro­posal. There had been a request the previous month to consider dropping the unit.

Police Services Board chair­man Lynda White thanked the Advertiser and all those who emailed her their opinions on the question of keeping or dropping the Mounted Unit, which involves several officers as well as Bosco and Jasper.

She added that she hopes service clubs and community festivals will contact the OPP to invite the Mounted Unit to community events. The horses must be exercised anyway, and they can get that exercise while working in the community White said.

For a full report on the debate at county council, see the July 2 issue of the Well­ington Advertiser.