Unplug, unwind, soak it up

Heading into May 24 weekend, you never know what the weather brings.

Some years it is beach weather and other times it is so raw it feels more like March. Every indication is at least this year we will be warm and bothered only with the possibility of showers. Our intention will be to unplug, unwind and soak up whatever comes.

A relatively busy time on the home front in recent weeks has led to not answering the phone so much and returning emails well after supper.

Despite some pride associated with exceptional service and getting back to people quickly, we have to suggest it has led to some newfound solace. No one got mad that we were later than usual and incredibly there was a measure of peace not felt for some time.

Similarly, the time spent catching the latest breaking news over the winter has been replaced with a good dose of physical activity doing things that better weather permits.

It seems to us that May 24 should be a weekend of unwinding and hopefully residents here get the chance to just hang out with family or a pet or engage in hobbies that have been on hold.

This weekend also signifies when most try to have their garden work well underway, or perhaps complete. Since there isn’t much else to do in terms of travel or going out, maybe for 2021 more effort can be put into gardens and landscaping.

Of course spring is the prelude to fall and regrettably harvest and autumn will not include fall fairs again this year. Some organizations hope to have virtual events, but now is the time to get prize-winning produce underway.

Although the chance to win in front of the community may be stymied, issue a challenge to neighbours or friends to grow the biggest beet or longest carrot. It may sound a little hokey, but it would be a great distraction for those of us pining for a post-COVID world.

As sure as gardeners tend to gardens, we figure there are golfers itching to golf. Going to a course and enjoying a round is a few weeks away yet, but no one will stop duffers from chipping in the back yard. The short game often wins or so some say.

It could be the fresh pavement on the road in front of our farm, but we notice cyclists far more regularly than years past. This too is a great way to get out, exercise, enjoy some sun and fresh air.

While soaking up the sun is our preference, if it turns into a soaker this weekend it will also be welcome. It is hard to recall a spring so dry as in 2021.

Farmers have taken full advantage of the weather to till the land and plant crops but the soil is parched. A few times we have glanced a second time where it looked like smoke in a back field, but it was just a mini-dust storm, kicked up by equipment moving along or gusts of wind.

May 24 is going to be an awesome break this year. Unplug yourself and take full advantage of the chance to unwind. Soak it all up and take it all in.

June 2 is around the corner.