Two municipal snowplows in separate incidents Jan. 3

WELLINGTON COUNTY – Guelph/Eramosa and Erin snowplows were involved in  two separate incidents last Wednesday. 


At around 7am on Jan. 3 a Guelph/Eramosa snowplow rolled into a ditch at Wellington Road 22 and 7th Line. 

Public works director Harry Niemi said the plow was slowing to a stop at a stop sign when it “tipped over onto its side” and into a ditch. 

The plow was towed to the Guelph/Eramosa office with “minimal damage,” Niemi said. 

Officials are still assessing the extent of repairs needed, but Niemi said it “appears to be mainly cosmetic damage (to) the passenger door/mirror, exhaust stack and fender.” 


Later that same morning, at about 8:30am, a Town of Erin snowplow hit a hydro pole on Wellington Road 52 just south of Wellington Road 124. 

The driver “clipped” a hydro pole with the plow wing while passing construction signage, said communications officer Chris Vernon. 

The pole was not knocked over, but “out of an abundance of caution, Hydro One replaced the pole,” he noted.

Hydro One closed the road until about 2:30pm while replacing the pole.  

There were no injuries or charges, and damage to the plow was “almost zero,” Vernon stated in an email – “some scuffed paint” with “no dollar value.”