Two farms apply for severances in Guelph/Eramosa

Mink barns to be demolished

BRUCEDALE – Two farms in Guelph/Eramosa submitted consent applications for surplus farm dwelling severances. 

The two farms are Parkhill Fur Farm at 5627 Jones Baseline and Gordon Dunk Farms at 5629 Wellington Road 29. 

Land severances – Parkhill Fur Farm at 5627 Jones Baseline.
Submitted photos.

Severances – Gordon Dunk Farms at 5629 Wellington Rd. 29. Photos from presentation prepared for the Township of Guelph/Eramosa from the County of Wellington Planning and Development Department.

At the Parkhill Fur Farm, the application is to sever 2.5 hectares – the location of a residential dwelling, a workshop and an old mink barn currently used for personal trailer storage. 

The remaining 34.5 hectares of fields and forest will be retained. 

There were formerly three more mink barns on the lot that were recently demolished. 

The township’s building department said the remaining old mink barn needs to be demolished, unless a change of use permit is obtained to change the use from agricultural to residential storage. 

At Gordon Dunk Farms, the application is to severe 0.8 hectares from the 54-hectare farm. The severed lot would include a home, accessory structures and a laneway. 

The retained parcel would be rezoned to no longer allow residential property. 

Both surplus farm dwelling applications are permitted by provincial policy and the Wellington County Official Plan, according to county planner Zach Prince. 

The township building department said the barn and its foundation on the retained parcel must be removed and “nicely graded,” according to the presentation. 

Councillor Corey Woods said it is Wellington County that has the authority to deny, approve, or alter the severances. He added that in his opinion reducing the size of the retained parcels would not be possible. 

“I know both properties quite well,” Woods said, as he lives nearby. 

“Even if you tried to make it smaller – you wouldn’t be able to farm a little sliver if you were to cut it off the side. That’s the smallest you can really make that parcel.”

Guelph/Eramosa has provided six recommended conditions for each severance, including satisfying all township requirements, paying all fees for the review and the cash-in-lieu contribution for park land dedication, obtaining entrance permits and accommodating private well and septic servicing.