Trying hard for normal

Remember when everything seemed so easy?

Galas, award nights, sidewalk sales, festivals and local events have all fallen to the wayside as physical distancing remains the norm. Many groups have been forced to reinvent themselves and their activities in this COVID-19 world. What seemed easy – although it always was a lot of work – is more difficult and takes greater planning.

Communities throughout Wellington County are looking to generate business in the month ahead as openings continue. Little can make up for lost revenue this past spring, but every effort appears to be underway to help retailers and businesses come back strong.

Wellington North is adopting street closures on weekends in August, much like Centre Wellington did in July, to allow for more space to shop. Minto is offering downtown giveaways and offering Locally Loyal Minto dollars as a welcome to the urban centres throughout the town. Hopefully residents have fun and businesses prosper.

The Centre Wellington Chamber of Commerce held its annual awards night with a drive-in format. And again, citizens of the year were announced as well as many deserving recipients in several business categories. Acquaint yourself with the list and when you see a recipient give them a shout-out for a job well done.

Food Day Canada, the brainchild of local food advocate Anita Stewart, is set for Aug. 1. Canadians are encouraged to eat local and celebrate the bounty of produce grown close to home. There is something extra tasty about fresh vegetables grown here. Although this year’s festivities will not allow large gatherings, it is a great year to try new things with a close circle of friends and family. Between farmer’s markets and local food retailers, there are plenty of culinary options this time of year.

As we all try hard to achieve normalcy and get some balance back in our lives, make the most of what “local” has to offer. Everyone is pulling in the right direction.