Trees for Mapleton receives support

Trees for Mapleton received an extra boost at the Drayton Farm Show.

Trees for Mapleton representative Paul Day and Drayton Kinsmen Gary VanAnkum were presented with a $1,500 cheque by Stephen Webb of The Cooperators Insurance Co. and a $1,000 cheque by Marsha Paley of The Stewardship Council of Wellington County.

The Cooperators, spear headed by Allen Morrison of Elmira, recognizes the value of living snow fences that decrease the number of road accidents and reduce wind and water damage to buildings.  Funds for the donation were generated at a local, regional and corporate level.

The Stewardship Council, funded by the Ministry of Natural Resources, is recognized as the driving force behind Trees for Mapleton  projects. In fact, all Trees for Mapleton planting projects have been funded by the council.

Of significance is the fact Wellington County is recognized as having planted the most trees in southern Ontario in the past three years, with Mapleton being ranked as top planters for townships within Ontario.

Last year 60,000 trees or 40km in windbreaks were created and the goal is to have one million trees planted in Mapleton by 2015.