Tree Trust wants to hear stories about favourite trees

ELORA – As car and plane travel has decreased due to COVID-19, so has the need for offsetting carbon emissions from travel.

So, Ontario’s first local carbon offset program focused on supporting legacy trees – Tree Trust – has changed its focus this year and is offering people the chance to share a story about a favorite tree and financially support their well-being instead.

Toni Ellis’s story of four stately sugar maples that once stood on a Wellington County road  between Fergus and Elora, is a lovely tribute to the power, majesty and importance of trees. The sudden removal of those trees is what prompted her to start Tree Trust in the first place.

“What had taken generations to grow turned into firewood in under a day. I know I was not the only one who cried,” she wrote.

“We started – a unique carbon-offset program – because trees improve our lives in so many ways,” she states in a press release.

“They beautify our communities, clean the air we breathe, and shade our homes to name just a few. And while the need for flight and driving offsetting may be reduced for the time being, the need to support legacy trees hasn’t.

“So many of us have an emotional attachment to trees and we wanted to give the community a chance to publicly share their love for a tree that has had made an impact on their life.”

Community members are encouraged to share their tree stories and financial support at