Tree planted in memory of Elsie Grummett

By Bonnie Whitehead

CLIFFORD – Clifford and District Horticultural president Vic Palmer welcomed 40 friends and family to the memorial tree planting for Elsie Grummett on Sept. 28 at the Rotary Park in Clifford.

Palmer said, “We are here to carry on the tradition of planting a tree for National Tree Day to honour the memory of some exceptional person who helped us with our mission. Elsie Grummett was totally involved with the society, showing a strong commitment to volunteering. She earned a lifetime membership to the Society. She did her part and was willing to help always. 

“At the end of a Rotary event, you could find her scrubbing pots and pans. In the middle of a Trees and Quackers event, you could find her kneeling on the grass helping a youngster plant a seedling. At the beginning of a plant and bake sale event, you could see her carrying a tray of her fresh baked tea biscuits. 

“I miss her interaction at the meetings as she always spoke up, encouraging new ideas. She lived in this area all of her life and had a love of gardening for flowers and vegetables. 

“Elsie was steadfast and loyal. She shared a marvellous partnership with her husband, Larry, and enjoyed a close family relationship. She lived life with a strong faith. Her commitment to family, friends and community is evident with the number of people who are here today.”

Palmer planted a hackberry tree ahead of time. It is a strong tree, easy to manage and maintain. Elsie’s children Dennis, David, John, and Heather Grummett and Thomas Grummett dumped buckets of mulch and used rakes and shovels to spread the mulch over the soil. Larry Grummett was invited to place the sign “In Memory of Elsie Grummett.”

Despite the drizzling rain, people stayed to share stories of Elsie. Larry invited everyone back to his home to reminisce over a slice of pizza and a cup of tea.