Township’s workplace health and safety committee reviewed four incidents during 2022

WELLINGTON NORTH – The township’s Joint Health and Safety Committee looked into four incidents last year.

The township committee, consisting of two management representatives and five workers, is mandated by the province.

An annual report to council on the committee’s activities for 2022 was provided to council in January.

Township clerk Karren Wallace stated in an email to the Community News that incident reports could not be provided for review. Instead, she briefly described the incidents, which included a bee sting, a slip and fall, a head injury from a vehicle sliding into a ditch, and narrowly being hit by a vehicle, none of which prompted any recommendations from the committee. 

“None of these required medical attention or lost time,” Wallace wrote.

In addition to the four incident reports, there were 74 inspection reports completed for 22 work sites, which include community centres, parks, wells, garages, waste water treatment plants, pools and cemeteries and other locations such as playgrounds.

In-person inspections were halted as of March 2020 but resumed in July 2022.

“During this time worker representatives, from each work site, performed inspections and submitted reports for review back to the health and safety committee,” states a report to council from committee secretary Tammy Pringle.

There were 20 recommendations made last year, such as reviewing first aid training, upgrading chairs, replacing light bulbs, proper ladder storage, and a new automated external defibrillator.

Wallace did not respond with a complete list of recommendations made by the committee.

Committee inspections this year are ongoing through to October.