Township survey: should cannabis retail stores be allowed in Centre Wellington?

CENTRE WELLINGTON – The township wants to know how residents feel about cannabis retail stores being allowed in Centre Wellington and has a survey posted online at ConnectCW.

Council voted in 2018 not to allow the stores in the township when they became legal in Canada.

But the new council is considering the idea after a presentation from local resident John Mifsud, who did his own survey and believes it’s time to get with the times.

His survey, completed in January of this year, indicates 82 per cent of residents feel cannabis stores should be allowed in Centre Wellington.

A 2018 township survey indicated 64.1% of people supported cannabis stores in Centre Wellington, 33.4% of people did not and 2.4% were undecided.

Still, council of the day voted against allowing them here.

Cannabis retail stores are governed by the Cannabis License Act, 2018 and the Cannabis Retail Regulation Guide.

Among the regulations:

  • a private cannabis retail store cannot be located within 150 metres from a school, or private school;
  • the retail space must be enclosed by walls separating it from any other commercial establishment or activity, does not include an outdoor space, and cannot be entered from or passed through to access any other commercial establishment or activity; and
  • to be eligible to open a retail store and sell recreational cannabis, one must possess a valid Retail Operator Licence and a Retail Store Authorization. Every cannabis retail store must also have a licensed retail manager who possess a Cannabis Retail Manager Licence.

The survey results will help inform council when it makes a decision on the matter.

The survey can be found at