Town to install generator at Harriston ambulance base

Town council has agreed to install a generator at the ambulance base in Harriston.

Council has leased the building on Robertson Street in Harriston to Guelph-Wellington EMS since 2008.  

At the July 22, 2014 meeting, council considered a request from the city of Guelph that the town pave the parking area and install a generator. After two recent ice storms and several power outages council agreed a generator to support EMS operations was desirable. However, it felt paving was not a priority. In the 2015 capital budget the town set aside $30,000 for the new generator. At the same time, the city agreed to increase rent by $200 per month, from $1,800 to $2,000 once the generator is installed. A report from CAO Bill White indicates the rent increase will cover one-third of the generator cost over the life of the lease.