Tour organic seed farm, learn about seed cleaning at Palmerston EFAO event

PALMERSTON — In partnership with the Bauta Family Initiative on Canadian Seed Security, the Ecological Farmers Association of Ontario is putting on a field day event at Hawthorn Farm Organic Seeds. 

The field day event will run from 10am to 2pm on Aug. 19.

Hawthorn Farm is one of Ontario’s largest organic seed companies, producing seed crops between Palmerston, and Harriston since 1996. 

The farm specializes in farm-selected, open-pollinated vegetable, herb, and flower seeds. Unlike traditional seed companies, they grow, harvest, process, perform germination tests, package, and distribute seeds all right from their farm.

Kim Delaney and Aaron Lyons have accumulated plenty of technical knowledge about growing, cleaning, and sharing seed and will share their knowledge during a morning field tour and  an afternoon equipment walk-through, including a look at their new “winnow wizard.” 

Bring lunch to bridge the morning-to-afternoon gap.