Too much pride

Whenever sad tales emerge, those closest to the scene might suggest pride was a factor. And no, we aren’t talking about conceit or arrogance – it is that other pride,  where people may just be too proud to ask for help.

Certainly the mental health side of the equation has finally emerged from the shadows. Rather than suffer in silence, those with addictions, people finding it a tough go or struggling daily to remain upbeat and optimistic are now reaching out for help. There is great reward all these years later seeing people cast old stigmas aside and embrace the notion that we all can use some help sometime.

There is an emerging issue however that needs addressed and the Centre Wellington Community Foundation recently awarded $10,000 to help the cause. Estimates suggest 14% of residents are struggling with food insecurity. Basically, they have difficulty purchasing quality food, made all the more acute in recent months as inflation drives up prices. The SEED program is one group that helps the shy to seek assistance, with an option to get better food, paying what they can.

The food banks and other entities meeting these types of community needs do a great job of helping many, but there is a segment of the population that are too proud to seek help. A little story we will share may be a step to reconsider accessing available services to ensure a healthy diet. Without health, a life can begin to spiral out of control.

Countless people have faced issues with housing, lost employment, or times when a family breaks up. Many of these situations are unplanned and turn into dominoes. Although the lion’s share of trouble seems to happen to the working poor, there are other cases where no one would believe the curveballs life has thrown seemingly well-off people.

An acquaintance went through such an experience. Three young kids, financial challenges and a desire to better herself led to a return to education. It didn’t happen overnight but within a few short years troubles many would have found hard to shake off came to an end. Better education, better job, better housing – it all came together.

That perhaps exemplifies the idea of helping others with a hand-up, but the really neat part is that all these years later she gives back to help others. Her kids have also been taught to give back.

We highly suggest to those struggling or afraid to seek help in attaining a healthy lifestyle, to park the pride for a moment. A healthy you can do so much for others and when that better frame of reference is achieved – you too can give back.

Please watch next week for a story on the many options available for those who need a hand up this holiday season.