Time capsule reburied at church

A time capsule discovered on Sept. 8, 2016 during renovations at Knox United Church in Clifford reclaimed its hiding spot on Nov. 19.

The original contents from the Methodist Church were photographed along with other documents regarding the church to be sealed inside a specially constructed urn by Richard Mund of Neustadt.

During the service, Rev. Jennifer Mountain introduced archivist, Bruce Presbytery and Hamilton Conference Archives chair Rod Coates, who shared his expertise and passion to preserve historical documents and artifacts for future generations.

He noted, “This rededication is a part of the legacy of existence as a community of faith in this time and place.”

Finder of the original time capsule Scott Dunn escorted by his children, the congregation, Coates, and   Mountain carried the urn to the hollowed location in the pillar.

Later, Kent DeBruyn resealed the brick work surrounding the urn, which will be uncovered at a later date, perhaps 50 years into the future, in time for Canada’s 200th birthday celebration.