There is still time

Time is short, but families have a great chance to honour veterans who served their country in previous armed conflicts.

The Fergus branch of the Royal Canadian Legion has joined other branches across Canada, including a few in Wellington,  in establishing a Memorial Banner Program.

The freedoms enjoyed today in this country – free speech, freedom to protest, freedom to do nothing – all stem from the benefits of living in a democracy.

Over the course of history democracy has been threatened from time to time and it was on these occasions that valiant men and women chose to engage in theatres around the globe to ensure tyranny did not triumph.

Sadly, few veterans are alive who served in conflicts like the First and Second Word Wars. Time has passed them by, but many families remain proud of their ancestors’ contributions.

This new Legion initiative gives a chance to remember. A banner will be placed on Fergus light standards during October leading into Remembrance Day. Hopes are these treasures can be re-used for the decade to come.

We strongly encourage families and friends to support the Legion and remember a loved one.

Details of the program can be found here.