Theatre offers Wrecked – an anti-drunk driving play

Eight youths die each day in acci­dents related to alcohol. Drink­ing can be devastating.
Theatre Orangeville is of­fering Roseneath Theatre’s Wrecked on March 5.
It is a play about alcohol and sub­stance abuse, and their impact on a boy, his family, and teens at his school.  It is a one-night only performance that will be followed by a public forum at 8pm.  
Wrecked is an award-win­ning play that aims to promote dialogue within the community by presenting two perspectives:  teenagers as victims of parental alcohol abuse, and teenagers themselves as abusers.
It is a story that encourages dialogue at every level – communities, peer groups, and families. 
For this forum, Theatre Orangeville has gathered a group of respected profes­sion­als from the community who will offer insight, listen to, and field questions from the audi­ence. 
Some facts
– 1 out of 10 teens begin consuming alcohol between the ages of 12 and 13; and
– teenage drunken driving is responsible for one out of four car accidents and is the number one cause of death among teens 15 to 20.
“Bringing these issues to the surface and recognizing what is happening within our own community is so import­ant,” said Dr. Jacqueline Dun­can, chairman of the discussion panel.
“Theatre is a reflection of life. So many people are af­fected by these issues, so many families. This show is a way to share some information, and be the first step for talking, or even the first step of a longer journey for some in the audi­ence.”
Canadian playwright Chris Craddock has said that the ex­periences of Wrecked – the casual use of drugs and alcohol by teenagers, as well as the turmoil when the adults are in the grips of addiction – are pulled from his own life and the lives of those he grew up with. 
“I remember those weekend underage parties I attended in my youth were exhilarating – right up until the brushes with the law, the tragic accidents, the loss of control”.
 “We are so proud to present a show that will really resonate within the community,” said David Nairn Theatre Orange­ville’s artistic director.
“It’s great theatre and a great mes­sage. Mothers Against Drunk Driving statistics show that road crashes still remain the leading cause among death of teenagers, and 40% of teen­ag­ers who are killed in road crashes have been drinking.”
Wrecked starts 7pm at Theatre Orangeville. Refresh­ments follow after the forum. Tickets are $10.
For more information, call the box office at 519-942-3423 or go to