The year ahead: challenges from 2023 linger, but Canadians enter 2024 more optimistic

One-in-five worry about stress, worsening finances

WELLINGTON COUNTY – The inflation, international conflict and global warming conflicts of 2023 may have followed Canadians into the new year, but many are still welcoming 2024 with an optimistic view.

New data from the non-profit Angus Reid Institute finds a plurality of Canadians believe 2024 offers plenty of positive potential. 

More than two-in-five (44%) say they expect the year to offer more good than bad, outnumbering those (40%) who expect an average year. A minority of fewer than one-in-five (17%) expect the worst from the year ahead.

There is plenty of hope from Canadians that they will see improvements in their physical health (46%), overall quality of life (41%) and mental health (39%). 

Sources of despair seem to be finances (20% expect it to worsen) and stress (19%).

On the latter front, it’s younger Canadians who are feeling the pressure. More than one-quarter (27%) of those aged 18- to 34-years-old say they expect higher stress in the coming year, double the number of those older than 54 (13%) who say the same.

Money woes appear to be a factor – one-quarter (24%) of those under the age of 35 expect their personal financial situation to worsen in 2024.

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