The Cistern Rose: Ariss resident publishes novel

ARISS – Peter McIntyre, a self-published writer from Ariss, has released a historical fiction novella set in Guelph called The Cistern Rose.


A cistern is a waterproof receptacle that holds liquids – typically water.

McIntyre told the Advertiser he lived in a house that had a cistern and that memory helped with the construction of his book.

He added he thought about what would happen if a cistern was emptied at the time it was constructed – around the 1860s.

The book

The Cistern Rose is about two 21st century women, who at first do not know each other, but share a similar – and significant – set of circumstances.

McIntyre said the women look into a cistern to find a diary, which lead them to two 19th century women.

The book is set in Guelph which, historically, has a connection to the Confederate side of the Civil War according to McIntyre.

This is the connection the author used when deciding what could connect these characters from different centuries together.

To purchase a copy of the book, visit Magic Pebble in Elora.