The choice is local

As seems to be the case in recent memory, the choice this election boils down to local representation.

It is a struggle that seems to be gaining momentum with many people we talk with. Poor leaders at the top make it that way.

The good news for residents of the two ridings that intersect Wellington County is there are great options this election season.

All candidates have been very diligent submitting answers to numerous questions prepared by our news team. Yes, there has been a significant cost incurred by our newspaper for presenting the various party and candidate platforms, but we see that as an investment in our coverage area. An educated voter is a wise voter and a thoughtful populace makes communities stronger and more resilient to the challenges in the world today.

As is our custom here at the Advertiser, we wish to thank each and every candidate who gave of their time and put their reputation up for scrutiny. It takes special people and certainly this area has put up a great field of choices. Public life is not easy and regrettably there are those who can be quite unkind or so entrenched in partisan politics that respect for others can be overlooked. Locally, the debate nights and activities have been generally respectful and decent.

Behind those candidates are dozens of well-wishers and supporters who have helped out at campaign desks, maintained dozens of signs, collected donations and joined the candidate door knocking. It is hoped that the campaign was rewarding for them – whether their interests for getting involved lie in the economy, climate change, social issues or simply helping out a friend who chose to run this time. They should know their admirable efforts have not gone unnoticed and are appreciated.

The choice of who will represent us all, now lies with the voters. We encourage everyone to take advantage of the opportunity to vote in the ridings of Wellington-Halton Hills and Perth-Wellington this election.