That was different

Thanksgiving wasn’t quite the same this year.

No Erin Fall Fair, much of the yard clean-up was done already and the annual harvest display was cancelled on the deck since we had no visitors to see it. The only normalcy was a few rounds with the plow to put the garden to bed for the winter.

Like most families, the bubble was kept tight this year for Thanksgiving dinner. We can only imagine the difficulty many families faced, with relatives flung far and wide, in making the best of what was a beautiful long weekend.

Although technology has provided chances for virtual events and encounters, it is unable to satisfy the need for a strong warm embrace.

Is this notice of what “Christmas future” holds? It certainly is a talking point. Service groups in the county are starting to talk about what Christmas looks like when it is so hard to assemble and organize helpers. We have no doubt solutions and compromises will come in time.

Latest statistics at press deadline suggest citizens will need to continue keeping it cool for the next few months. Rates of infection are rising and pressure on the health system is increasing. Even countries that were hard hit in the first wave of COVID-19 are seeing a worrisome resurgence. This obstinate virus doesn’t seem to being going away.

The only point of which we are certain is how great it will be to travel again and enjoy hospitality with friends and family.