Technical theatre and graphic novel skills highlighted

The Guelph Arts Council is pleased to announce that the 2010 Youth Opportunities Award goes to two projects. 

The first is a partnership between Season Singers and Guelph Little Theatre to train young people in the fundamentals of analog sound boards operation and sound mixing for live events.  The program will be open to any interested students and will offer the opportunity to mentor other young people and open the door to further theatre involvement. The award panel was impressed by this project’s recognition of the skills and interests of youth, the creation of further opportunities for young people themselves to act as mentors and the chance for young people to have access to technical theatre training not often available.

The second project is the Graphic Short Story Project led by Wesley Bates in partnership with the Norwell Secondary School in Palmerston and The Minto Arts Council.  At the heart of this program is the ability to engage young people in arts that acknowledge youth culture and focuses on students’ language and visual arts.  The final work will be integrated into The Minto Arts Council’s exhibit on Graphic Novels to be held in 2012.  The panel was very interested in this project’s ability to connect young people to arts relevant to them, the opportunity to share their work in a public exhibition and the blending of both visual and written arts.

Both Guelph Arts Council and the jury panel were extremely pleased with the range of applications for the 2010 Youth Opportunities Award, and the creativity behind the proposals.

Established in 2009, the Guelph Arts Council Youth Opportunities Award is intended to encourage  programs that will initiate, enhance or expand opportunities for children and youth in Guelph and Wellington County to experience or become in engaged in the arts.  Funds for the award come from the Guelph Arts Council Youth Opportunities Fund, managed by the Guelph Community Foundation, and a generous gift from Guelph Toyota.

For more information about the award program, contact Guelph Arts Council at 519-836-3280 or