Suzanne Trivers retiring from Mount Forest FHT after 18 years

Executive director recognized as ‘pillar’ in health care, community

MOUNT FOREST – The only constant in health care is change.

Mount Forest Family Health Team (MFFHT) executive director Suzanne Trivers said she often repeats that phrase.

After serving 37 years in the health care industry, and nearly 18 years at MFFHT, Trivers will be stepping down from her role as executive director to return to her agricultural roots.

“It’s been a wonderful experience, and I’ve been privileged to serve the community,” Trivers told the Community News at her retirement party on April 10 at the Claire Stewart Medical Clinic.

Trivers is retiring because she wants to help support her aging parents and “it’s time to give opportunity for a new leader for the team after 18 years. It’s good to refresh,” she said.

The original idea with the board of directors, according to Trivers, was for her to be in her role for only 15 years – but with the COVID-19 pandemic sweeping the globe, she stayed a while longer.

“Suzanne is a pillar within health care and within the local rural community, and an advocate for our rural community and the rural lifestyle in general,” said board chair and treasurer for MFFHT Glen Manjin.

“Suzanne has a long and distinguished tenure in health care, and my time with Suzanne was really spent learning from Suzanne and learning ways to support Suzanne in her role.”

Trivers will be making a return to her agricultural roots and going back to work at her family’s beef farm to help out her dad during her retirement.

However, she said she is “very grateful for the support of the community over the years.” 

“The municipality was very supportive; the patients have embraced the whole idea of team-based care whole-heartedly, and that has made my job a lot easier over the years.”

Stepping up to fill the executive director position will be Christina Enchev.

With 25 years in the health care field, Enchev said she feels “very excited, also a bit nervous because of all the wonderful things Suzanne has done throughout the years in this organization.”

Although she has never worked in rural medicine before, the new executive director said she is ready to take on the responsibility.

“It’s definitely a learning curve for me, but I love challenge,” she said.

“I believe I share the same passion [as Suzanne] for health care, for its complexities and diversity,” she added, with Trivers nodding in agreement.

“I’m looking forward to taking over Suzanne’s [role after her] last day moving forward, and hoping to continue building on her legacy.”