Summer flower show held by Clifford and District Horticultural Society

CLIFFORD – President Vic Palmer welcomed 35 people to the Clifford and District Horticultural Society meeting and flower show on Aug. 27 at the community hall in Clifford.

Barbara Harris introduced guest speaker Murray Garrett who shared highlights of his recent trip with his wife Audrey to Scandinavia and Russia.

Their tour in Denmark led them past pubs and cafes along the harbour, through connecting canals to see the famous mermaid statue, the queen’s summer home surrounded by glorious gardens, and a novelty talking garbage can.

Norway offered majestic scenery with mountains, waterfalls, and fjords in every picturesque view. The local marine history, Olympic ski training, and a trip to the opera house were eye opening outings.

The Nobel Prize Museum, Abba Museum, and gold mosaics at City Hall were points of interest in Sweden.

Russia revealed statues and art masterpieces, flowing fountains, warships in port, tickets to the ballet, a ride on a high speed train, shopping at the Gunn department store, and the experience of gaining access to the Kremlin.

Jean Yenssen thanked Murray for his entertaining presentation.

Flower show organizers Isabel Senek, Blanche Freeman, and Audrey Garrett  shared tips from the judges who were pleased to see nine members show 119 entries.

Ethel Weber and Isabel Senek tied first place for cut flowers, gladiolus, and roses. Karen Dowler and Yenssen tied first place for potted plants, Carol Lange earned first in fruits and vegetables, Yenssen won first in designs, and Dowler first for photography.

Yenssen won the President’s Special for her From C to C for Canada design as well as the Best of Show for her design Thanksgiving.

Draw prize winners were Harris, Rita Measures, Bonnie Whitehead, Sharon Prieb, Linda Holborn, Jim Measures, Joy Burnett, Yenssen, Julie Duncan and Vic Palmer.

Lunch was prepared by Doris Jaunzemis, Sharon Prieb, Mary Mighton and Burnett.

Carrot comparison – Carol Lange, who won top prize for fruits and vegetables at the Clifford and District Horticultural Society Summer Flower Show, compares her first place carrot to Vic Palmer’s.