Stay the course

It is hard to believe six weeks have passed since COVID-19 took over the front page of this newspaper.

Canadians have arguably done their part, accepting social distancing and various other measures designed to dampen the spread of the coronavirus.

Results indicate those efforts are working and remain a necessary precaution as Ontario and other provinces ease into opening again. Officials remain quiet on specific time frames but have been very clear that schools will remain closed until the end of May. It stands to reason that people being able to return to work will hinge on students returning to school, particularly for those with younger children at home.

The stresses of home schooling and meeting expectations from work (for those lucky enough to have that option) have been very difficult on families. Priorities are easily misplaced and misunderstood in times like this. It is a tremendous amount of pressure to be a super mom or super dad.

Statistics are hit and miss for what happened on April 1, but landlords are very concerned about rent cheques for May 1. Without revenue for the preceding six weeks it only stands to reason that more default situations will happen as businesses cannot pay their rent on time. This is the next phase of the debt snowball many small business owners see heading their way and it is scary for them.

Along with landlords that have bills and business-people who have bills, there are millions of employees who also have bills. Yes, programs have been established and some money has flowed, but there is a very real concern financial difficulties are about to get much worse.

Despite those legitimate concerns and the anxiety that goes with those problems, it is important that businesses and consumers hang on for a while. There would be little point emerging from this fog only to find out another week or two would have meant the difference between success and failure.

So, we wait, manage day-to-day activities, undertake best health practices and recognize good times do lie ahead if we stay the course.