Standing up for others

Late last month a trio took advantage of an elderly person in town by stealing her bank card and PIN number. 

Similar occurrences have been reported in other locations all too frequently.

Few items galvanize a community more quickly than reports of someone taking advantage of vulnerable people. It infuriates the public to believe such cowards live amongst us. The part about living here is not known for sure; in fact it could well be out-of-towners dropping in on a sleepy small town.

Regardless, there are few lessons for seniors, their families and those of us who are out and about and see things that just don’t look right.

It is only good practice to protect your personal identification number when making purchases at stores. If you ever feel your PIN may have been compromised, inform your bank and get your code reset. Banks want their clients to feel secure. 

While it usually isn’t an easy subject, adults do need to follow up with elderly parents about these issues and the potential for trouble. A few minutes invested in educating seniors on the latest tricks of thieves could save a lot of grief and stress.

Recently we heard firsthand about another iTunes scam where a senior had been tricked out of several hundred dollars worth of gift cards. It was one of those slippery phone calls about computer security and luckily the scam was stopped by a family member before payment was made.

We really wish the world wasn’t as rough as it is today. It never feels good when every move or approach needs scrutinized or second guessed. This isn’t how many of us grew up, but times are changing and it’s necessary to be more vigilant.

That’s where the community in general needs to be more in check with what goes on. We don’t imagine the police wish everyone to turn into Perry Mason and fight crime every day. But when something is amiss most of us catch on something isn’t right. Noting a license plate or calling Crime Stoppers when leads to cases are sought, are things citizens must do if crime is to be stamped out.

Let’s stand up for others. All of us will need a hand some day.