Sokol disappointed with response to drainage issue

KENILWORTH – Mount Forest resident Jolanta Sokol did not get the answer she hoped for from Wellington North council.

On June 24 Sokol asked council to take immediate action to fix drainage issues on her property, at 435 John Street, she says resulted from an adjacent condominium development.

Her letter states “a series of ongoing water run-off problems have compromised my home … I hope to find a solution and have the catch basins lowered.”

Sokol said she’s been in contact with the building department since 2017, has engineering reports and hired topographic surveyors – “Yet I continue to bucket bail the water out of my basement.”

She said the drainage plan for the development, built in 2006, did not account  for the elevation of adjacent properties.

Sokol contends the catch basin installed is two feet above the property it is meant to protect and, as a result, water continues to saturate her lawn and basement.

In addition to lowering the catch basin, Sokol requested the township compensate her for her losses.

Wellington North chief building inspector Darren Jones responded that the township retained B.M Ross and Associates Ltd. to review and investigate Sokol’s written complaint of March 26, 2018.

“Within the letter are recommendations for you on how to improve drainage and protect your building, as well as points for Wellington Standard Condominium Corporation No. 136 to consider to help address your concerns. A copy of the recommendations will be provided to the Condominium Corporation.”

Jones added, “The township does not own, control or regulate the drainage works detailed in the B.M. Ross letter. B.M. Ross has reviewed the drainage design approved by the township at the time of the condominium construction and found it to be acceptable.

Jones stated the township considers its involvement in this matter complete.

Subsequent correspondence to Sokol from Van Harten Surveying stated the drainage on site should work.

Sokol was not dissuaded by those arguments and maintained her belief that it remained the township’s responsibility to resolve the matter.

A motion for council to direct staff to meet B.M. Ross and Van Harten to discuss drainage issues on John Street, as related to the development, failed.

CAO Mike Givens suggested at some point Sokol might need to consider legal action with the developer.

Sokol argued drainage is a township issue and her property was simply one example. “This flooding happens with every rain.”

As the motion failed, Sokol sighed and stated “this is not right.”