Snowmobile club holding Christmas tree fundraiser

CENTRE WELLINGTON – On Jan. 8 the Fergus Elora Belwood (FEB) Snowmobile Club will be collecting natural Christmas trees throughout the area for a club fundraiser.

People can call 519-803-2367 to arrange to have their tree picked up from their home for a minimum donation of $5.

Currently there are 85 kilometers of trails for snowmobiles in Centre Wellington. The club has over 700 permit buyers, although there are far more people in the area who have purchased a trail pass to be able to ride on registered trails.

Club fundraising director Martin Smith said the money will go in to trails, stakes, and signage used by the club.

“There are always trees coming down, and there’s always more signage needed,” Smith said.

“The biggest thing is to be able to keep people safe. Staking trails is huge so they know where to go.”

Smith added maintenance of bridges and culverts, and filling in swampy areas, are also priorities for the club.

But the club is being careful not to take away donations from other Christmas tree fundraising events in the area.

“I don’t want to take from Trees for Tots, so I contacted them and asked them where they go,” Smith said.

“Kiwanis is up here, and they haven’t done it in a couple years, so this is why we sort of decided to give it a try.”

With this being the first year for the fundraiser, Smith said he’s unsure what the response will be, but felt it was important to spread the word.

“Out here, I know a lot of people just burn their tree in the backyard, but if we can make a few dollars for the club, all the better,” he said.