Smokey and the Bandit run draws classic Trans Ams to local truck show

A Smokey and the Bandit tribute run on on July 3 kicked off the Great Lakes Truck Club sixth annual Antique and Classic Truck Show here.

More than a dozen second generation Trans Ams lined up in front of the work shed alongside the ’79 Kenworth driven by John Warrilow of Owen Sound. The trailer incidentally was not loaded with contraband like the one in the 1977 movie.    

Garth Dickert of Lakelet and Brittany Lenselink, wearing a white wedding dress to evoke memories of Sally Field from the iconic film, hopped into his black Pontiac Trans Am Firebird and  took the lead in the tribute run.

Mike Reidt of Harriston was next in line with his black Trans Am and Ken Heipel of Lakelet driving his 6.6 litre Trans Am were among the other local participants. Al and Connie Walters of Palmerston cruised in the comfort of their black Trans Am to round out the run.

Rob Johnston and Verdun Zurbrigg, co-ordinators of the truck show, instigated the run to Drew and back and said they were pleased with the turnout.