Shamrock Awards recognize local volunteers, businesses

ERIN – A special awards ceremony, planned for April 19 from 6 to 8pm at Centre 2000, was held to honour individuals, organizations and businesses who made a significant contribution to the community in 2022. 

Town of Erin spokesperson Lavina Dixit said tickets are free and anyone is welcome to attend. 

“The Shamrock Awards were first given out in 2012 for community volunteers only,” Dixit stated in an email.

“In 2019, it was expanded to include Business of the Year, and the Innovation Award. This year it was expanded to include the Agri-business and Environment Awards.” 

The Shamrock Awards were created to honour individuals who make significant contributions to the community of Erin. 

Betterment of Erin

Nominees are not required to be Erin residents, but their contributions must be to the betterment of the Erin community.

Although closed for this year, nominations are open to the public and can be found online. The winners are chosen through a ranked ballot based on council’s choice of first, second and third in each category.

“It is a recognition of the contribution made by community members and businesses by the residents of the town of Erin themselves, and is about engaging and honouring our residents,” Dixit stated. 

“We don’t have any sponsors. We have local businesses providing catering for a fee, and others volunteering with plants and flowers for the event.”

The Shamrock Awards serve as a reminder of the power volunteerism and entrepreneurism can have in a community. They are a celebration of the individuals who give their time and energy to benefit society and create a more vibrant, resilient, and sustainable future. 

“Volunteers work with local organizations to support causes that are important to our community such as welfare services, sports groups, etc.,” stated Dixit.

“Local businesses provide employment opportunities and support other local businesses through their supply chain.” 


The full list of categories includes Community Volunteer Award, Citizen of the Year Award, Innovation Award, Business of the Year Award, Agriculture/Agri-business Award, and Environment Award.   

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