Senator Rob Black feeling ‘sediment-al’ about support for agriculture

OTTAWA – Senator Rob Black is celebrating “another year of supporting agriculture, rural communities, and youth leadership inside and outside of the Senate of Canada.”

In Ottawa, states a July 4 press release, Black highlighted challenges and opportunities facing rural and agricultural communities through his advocacy in the Senate Chamber. 

In his fifth year in the Red Chamber, the release states, Black has continued to engage with countless organizations in his East Block office. 

As chair of the Standing Senate Committee on Agriculture and Forestry (AGFO), he has overseen the long-awaited start of the soil health study, holding 25 meetings where the committee has heard expert testimony from over 95 farmers, producers, scientists, policymakers, and many others relating to the study. 

Outside the Chamber, Black continues to meet with leaders, as well as members of the agriculture and rural sectors, appreciating their insight and support in his work in Parliament. Black took these opportunities to learn more about various issues facing the industry, such as labour gaps, regulatory challenges, food security, and more. 

In April, he attended an AGFO fact-finding mission, where members of the Senate committee learned hands-on about the importance of soil health and data compilation. 

“This year has been filled with new opportunities for growth in the agriculture and rural sectors,” said Black. 

“I am hopeful that we will continue to see increased support from all levels of government and the public as agriculture works to feed not only Canadians, but the entire world. Agriculture remains one of Canada’s most important industries and this will continue in the coming decades as more people come to depend on our high-quality, sustainable, food exports.” 

Though agriculture is often not prioritized in policy-building, Black is optimistic about growing governmental engagement and looks forward to continuing his efforts to support agricultural and rural communities.