Semi-professional soccer team coming to Guelph region

GUELPH – A semi-professional soccer team is coming to the region.

Established in 2020, Guelph United F.C. is a new and independent soccer club operating in League 1 Ontario, the province’s men’s premier division.

The team was founded with a goal to bring semi-professional soccer to the community.

“We look forward to working with our strategic partners: the University of Guelph, City of Guelph, local businesses, and the Guelph Soccer Junior Gryphons, in this adventure,” organizers say.

The club hopes to bring a club that inspires the youth of today to become the stars of tomorrow, they say.

General manager and associate head coach Keith Mason said, “We are extremely excited to be part of League 1 Ontario in 2021 and with our ties to the excellent soccer program at the University of Guelph, we look forward to building a team our community and fans can get excited about.”

Associate head coach Justin Springer commented, “Growing the game within our community and advancing soccer in our city is a goal of mine that I am passionate about.”

Currently, talented soccer players from Guelph and surrounding areas do not have a professional environment to compete in.

With the world-class facilities at the University of Guelph and qualified staff, Guelph United F.C. has the ambition to establish the City of Guelph as a national center of excellence, where local talent has access to all the necessary infrastructure to compete at the highest levels, officials state.

In addition, there is a vibrant soccer community and youth club in Guelph already.

The Guelph Soccer Junior Gryphons will be a key partner of Guelph United F.C. and together they hope to create a professional, inclusive and inspiring atmosphere that every fan can experience.

For further information regarding Guelph United F.C. visit or follow @guelphunitedfc.