Second Blue Water Mysteries novel released

MOOREFIELD – Retired teacher Ivanka Fear will be releasing her third novel, book two in the Blue Water Mysteries, on March 5. 

The novel, Lost Like Me, follows Lana, the main character in the first book The Dead Lie, Fear told the Community News. 

But the setting has changed, as has Lana’s name:  she has changed her identity and is living in a remote lake-side town up north. 

The fictional town is inspired by Kirkland Lake, where Fear lived as a child, and the setting is an important part of the story, Fear said, including the nearby gold mines and forests. 

After living in the northern town for 12 years under her new identity, Lana (now Cheryl MacGregor) receives a shock that leads her to realize “she can never really be safe,” Fear said. 

Her husband’s receptionist goes missing, and MacGregor, working as an investigative reporter for the local newspaper, discovers that the mysterious circumstances surrounding the disappearance are connected to the formidable past from which MacGregor has been running, Fear said. 

While Lost Like Me can be read as a stand-alone novel, Fear recommends starting with The Dead Lie “to get the full reading experience.” 

Lost Like Me will be available to purchase online through Amazon and Indigo. 

The Dead Lie is available to purchase through both of these platforms. The books are published by Level Best Books. 

Fear is also the author of the Jake and Mallory Thrillers series. 

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