Sacred Heart school celebrates Shrove Tuesday with pancake fundraiser

ROCKWOOD – Sacred Heart Catholic School hosted its second annual Shrove Tuesday Luncheon and Supper on Feb. 13. 

The pancake luncheon fundraiser raised over $1,000 for Sacred Heart of Jesus Roman Catholic Church in Rockwood. 

All of the school’s students shared a pancake breakfast, as well as students’ families, members of Community Living Guelph Wellington, people living in local long-term care homes, and Sacred Heart of Jesus parishioners. 

Special education resource teacher Andrea Stafford organized the event. She told the Advertiser she is very happy with how it went, with about 150 people in attendance.

Kindergarten students

Students in kindergarten recited a prayer and sang This Little Light of Mine for the guests. 

The students spoke with the Advertiser about what the day meant for them. 

This Little Light of Mine is a song about Jesus, and how “Jesus is the light,” Ella Di Girolamo said. 

Abi Pigozzo said the song made the guests feel happy “because we were singing for them.” 

The students helped come up with the prayer that Cameron MacDonald said was in-part about being generous by donating toys and remembering to “spread love for everyone.” 

“Pancake Tuesday is before Lent,” explained Ethan Sweetman. 

And his favourite part of the day is “the maple syrup, and the sausages, and the pancakes,” he said. 

Harvi Thandel said her prayer was about being kind to friends, and that she would observe lent by giving other people lollipops: “so I can keep them smiling.”

Pigozzo said her prayer for Lent includes praying to help the junior kindergarten students to “learn the ABCs.”

Di Girolamo said for Lent she would help her mom by washing the dishes.   

Kindergarten student Cameron MacDonald’s parents and younger brothers Spencer and Rory were among those attending the Shrove Tuesday pancake breakfast at Sacred Heart Catholic School on Feb. 13. Submitted photo


On Shrove Tuesday Sacred Heart Catholic Elementary School invited guests from Community Living Guelph Wellington, local long-term care homes, and Sacred Heart of Jesus Roman Catholic Church to attend a pancake breakfast that raised money for the church. Submitted photo