ROI announces AALP Class 20 participants

GUELPH — The Rural Ontario Institute (ROI) recently announced the 20 current and emerging leaders from across the province that are selected to be a part of Class 20 of the Advanced Agricultural Leadership Program (AALP). Participants will start their AALP journey in August.

Class members are livestock, horticulture, cannabis, grain, and oilseed producers and/or involved in agri-business and agri-food, financial sectors, non-government and commodity associations and small business. 

The Class ranges in age from 25 to 48.

From Wellington, Lora Bender was selected for the AAL Class 20. 

Bender is a progressive dairy managing editor and associate publisher.

Each AALP Class is chosen with attention to the diversity of participants so that peer-to-peer mentorship, interrelationships, and a broad network are developed. 

“It’s exciting and affirming to see the high caliber of talent and enthusiasm in Class 20,” says leadership programs director Gabrielle Ferguson. 

“Class participants will learn from each other, offering unique viewpoints and enabling thought-provoking, balanced discussion of critical issues and new ideas about the future of the agri-food industry.” 

Throughout the experimental program, AALP participants come together for in-person seminars, online webinars, study tours – North American and international – and small group issues analysis projects for agriculture, food, and rural community clients. 

The program’s focus is on building foundational skills and providing the context for practicing them in a safe but challenging environment. The curriculum adapts with relevant topics for each class to promote new multi-stakeholder approaches while developing critical self-analysis. 

ROI delivers  program

AALP is delivered by ROI, a non-profit organization committed to developing leaders and facilitating collaboration on issues and opportunities facing rural and northern Ontario communities. Established in 1984, the AALP has graduated over 500 leaders who are making a difference in Ontario and beyond.

Community News Staff