Rockwood artist will get European exposure

County music artist Alysha Brooke, of Rockwood, has just signed a major distribution deal with Universal and Sony En­tertainment.

The deal is part of a com­pilation CD project that was brokered to Chevrolet dealers all over the European Union, everywhere except Canada and the United States for now.

Some of the other artists signed to the compilation disc are Cheryl Crow, Trisha Year­wood, Billy Joel, Reba Mc­Entire, Nelly Furtado, Kool & the Gang, Night Ranger, and The B-52’s.  Over 4,500 artists were being considered world­wide for the project, and 16 were chosen to be on the CD.

Brooke was one of them. To date, 600,000 units have been produced and distributed,  with an option for up to 1,000,000 more in the next three years.

When manager Gary La­Barr said, "Obviously, we are very happy for Alysha. I work­ed on this deal for several months."

Brooke is honoured to be on a compilation CD with so many exceptional artists, one of which, McEntire, has been her idol for years. “I really can’t believe my song, sung by me, will be heard on the same CD as one of Reba’s songs. And, on so many copies, been distributed all over Europe … This is a dream come true.”