Rethinking the old chestnut: Eden Mills Christmas bazaar receives face-lift

Eden Mills has held traditional fundraising Christmas bazaars for generations. Villagers and visitors alike have enjoyed the old world atmosphere, taken part in a variety of activities and enjoyed meeting friends for lunch and doing some early bird shopping. For many it marks the start of holiday festivities.  

But things change and with the loss of community groups such as the Friendly Seniors and the united church, the event organizers have decided to  tweak things a bit, add some new features and reflect the village’s goal to become  carbon neutral.    

Organizers decided to rename the Christmas Bazaar the “Green Christmas Fair.”  

Traditional  favourites like the famous fruitcakes, Christmas greenery, raffles, the biggest and best penny table for miles and the always popular  tea room will continue to attract a crowd.   

The rethinking will bring a focus on locally made and selected wares. Vendors will be offering homemade dog biscuits, locally selected and packaged  teas, seeds collected from local gardens and packaged as stocking stuffers, Eden Mills honey, local produce, crafts, handknitted contemporary clothing, mincemeat, granola and gingerbread.

Deb Quaile will be on hand to show how to make  Christmas swags and arrangements and everything need to make the items: including bows, greenery, pine cones, ilex and birch twigs, bundled  for sale.

 This year`s Green Christmas Fair in Eden Mills will take place on Nov. 21 from noon until 2:30pm at the Eden Mills Community Hall.  Admission is free and the hall is wheelchair accessible .