Red Express Market celebrates anniversary

CLIFFORD – Owner Lori Stever hosted a celebration of the one-year anniversary of the Red Express Market here on July 10.

Take 1 musicians Dave Schmidt and Tony Lange played familiar tunes that drew the people closer.

Jon Ruetz and James Wilton barbecued Greenock beef smash burgers. Children were treated to a blue raspberry or pink bubblegum slushie.

Lynden Coleman enjoyed his burger with Laurel Hoffarth, left, and his grandmother Carol Weigel.

Host Jim Horrigan set out deck chairs in the driveway for people to use while listening to the music and enjoying burgers. Some remarked that it was good of Stever to host the event and collect donations to support the Clifford Food Bank.

The Red Express Market features groceries, decorative giftware and is an LCBO convenience store outlet.