Radio host lands gig at country music association

ERIN – Alexa Leal, host of “Alexa’s Country Party” on Erin Radio 91.7 FM, has accepted a position writing features for the Country Music Association of Ontario (CMAO). 

“I am really excited to showcase artists that are still up and coming and have been putting a lot of work in and getting some recognition,” Leal said.

She added she likes to “showcase their sounds and what makes them stand out.” 

Leal has been a host with Erin Radio for about seven years, and her role there will not be changing as she takes on the new CMAO position.

So far Leal prefers speaking on the radio to writing features. 

“Writing is not my number one,” Leal said, noting it “is going to be a challenge for me and something that I’d like to improve.”

The two roles are similar in how they enable her to interview musicians and to give both new and old music a platform. 

Leal wrote her first CMAO article in November, a feature about musician Matthew Runaway from nearby Perth County. She said her favourite thing about writing it was how thrilled he was to be featured. 

“It was special for both of us,” Leal said. 

Her next article will be published in April and she is “thinking about featuring an artist that is new.”