Queen of crime returns; murder suspects sought on Jan. 12

Agatha Christie is returning to Centre Well­ington.
The third annual Agatha Christie Revival Showcase is returning in March with an­oth­er classic whodunit.
For this year’s production of The Hollow, the company is again opening the doors to new actors, and will be holding open auditions on Jan. 12 at the Fergus Grand Theatre.
Agatha Christie is con­sid­ered the top mystery writer of all time, having sold hundreds of millions of books over 50 years, and written many theatri­cal pieces. Many of her books have been adapted not only for stage, but also the movies.
For The Hollow, a cast of six men and six women range in age from their early 20s to mid-60s. There is Sir Henry Angkatell, a distinguished-look­­ing, elderly man, his wife, Lady Angkatell, “completely vague, but with a lot of per­son­ality.”
There is the Doctor, John Cristow, and his wife, Gerda, described as “timid, rather stupid.” There is Veronica Craye, a very famous, very beauti­ful Hollywood actress with a dark secret.
To sort it all out, there is In­spector Colquhoun, “a thought­ful quiet man with charm and a sense of humour,” and his assistant, Detective Sergeant Penny, as well as many other charming, off-the-wall charac­ters.
Auditions will be held on an individual basis in ten-minute time slots throughout the day on Jan. 12. Participants are asked to prepare a one-to-two minute contemporary mono­logue, comedic or dramatic. Callbacks will be held the following week, with rehear­sals beginning Jan 27 and run­ning Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday evenings.  The show will run March 27, 28 and 29 at the Fergus Grand Theatre.
People interested in audi­tioning for the show should con­tact the director Eric Goudie to book an audition time.  Goudie is also happy to as­sist people in preparing for the audition, and can point out several quality sources of monologue material.
Call 519-780-7593, or e-mail grinder@grinder­pro­duc­tions.org by Jan. 11.