Quality assurance

Musashi Auto Parts Canada, plant 2 celebrated having achieved the Ford Q1 award on May 1. The Ford Q1 is a standard used to qualify suppliers for business with Ford. Through the qualification, Ford recognizes plant 2 as an elite supplier in the global market. It certifies that from the invoice process to the quality of the parts themselves, Musashi auto parts Canada plant 2 is a preferred Ford supplier. LEFT: Plant 2 employees gathered while, from left, Ford supplier technical assistant manager Chad McCarty, Musashi general manager Farid Estifa proudly holds the plaque, Horia Tugulan holds the flag along with, right, the plant’s manager Craig Lucas. RIGHT: Musashi plant 2 manager Craig Lucas, Ford supplier technical assistant Horia Tugulan and Musashi general manager Farid Estifa.  Submitted photos