Puslinch Township council paid a total of $137,593 in 2023

PUSLINCH – Puslinch council collected a combined $137,593 in 2023 for salaries, benefits and expenses.

Mayor James Seeley was paid the most at $29,701. Benefits and allowable expenses brought his payment to $31,910 for the year.

Each of the four councillors received $20,012 as their base pay, plus benefits and allowable expenses. 

Councillors Jessica Goyda and Sara Bailey each used $7,772 of the benefit package, which includes extended health care, hospital semi-private, dental, drug, vision care, and out of province coverage, employer’s health tax and Canada Pension Plan if applicable. Employment insurance is exempt.

Councillor John Sepulis used $6,790 in benefits and councillor Russel Hurst used $1,372.

So the final payments for  councillors in 2023 were:

– Bailey $29,680;

– Goyda $27,784;

– Sepulis $26,835; and

– Hurst $21,384.