Puslinch Sheep Club gets started

On April 24, the first 4-H Puslinch Sheep Club meeting was held.

The meeting was led by Heugh McDonald and Lisa Hannam, assisted by Debie Brander.

The club members got to know each other by sharing names, ages and how long they’ve been in the club.  

We also played fun games like Link and Cross Canada.

This year there were 20 members in the Puslinch 4-H Sheep Club including four new members.

We started the meeting by giving out last year’s awards. 

Then we had our elections. After elections we discussed ideas for following meetings like judging things such as cookies or hay, and touring a pharmacy.

We also went over how to prepare and train your lamb for the fair.

We ended the meeting with our 4-H motto “Learn to do by doing”.

After the meeting, the club enjoyed cookies brought by the Brander family.